V-Learning means you simply sit at your desk and log-in. You can hear the session via the phone and you can see the presentation on your screen and learn virtually. A new way for us to deliver your training.

Our V-Learning programme is delivered by our specialist trainers who are experts in their subject areas . No travelling costs and a real focus on the law makes this training incredible value for the individual learner and their employer. By limiting numbers we can allow you time to ask questions, both in advance, afterwards and during the training.

Upcoming Courses

Cancellations in the Leisure and Travel Sector – Thursday 2nd July 2020 – 14:00 to 15:15   Additional Session added

Consumer Rights Act 2015.  Update on consumer’s rights when buying goods, services and digital content –  Tuesday 7th July 2020.  10:00 to 11:15

Pricing Practices Guidance.  A Practical Overview – Friday 10th July 2020.  14:00 to 15:15  Additional Session added

Introduction to Handling and Preserving Digital Evidence – Monday 13th July 2020.  14:00 to 15:15    Additional Session added

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